Sunday mornings on the internet are SO BORING

You know what’s no fun at all? Whipping through every single one of your social media platforms of choice in less than an hour because no one is posting anything on a Sunday morning. Instagram: ten minutes catching up from yesterday’s pictures. Facebook: five (because seriously paring down your follow list really cuts down on how long it takes to keep up with people, especially when you’ve filtered out all the political nonsense posted by much-more-conservative-than-you small town relatives). Tumblr: maybe twenty minutes.

I mean, I get that in the South Sunday is for church and fellowship and Sunday School, but that’s what following people from outside the South is for.

I guess I could be out doing things myself, or posting them, but damn if I want to take time out of my Sunday to actually do things.


Blowing my own trumpet: Learning to tell the world about the awesome things I do

You know what baffles me? People who seem to just have a knack for effortless—almost careless—self promotion. People who aren’t too shy to point out that awesome thing they did or made.

Seriously. Do they bottle that? And where can I buy some? Because letting the quality of my work speak for itself is just not going to cut it, especially if I ever want to ditch the wage-slave gig and actually attempt to make a living writing at some point.

I have things to say and am occasionally clever when I say them. You should pay me for that!
I have things to say and am occasionally clever when I say them. You should pay me for that!

I was randomly puttering around online and somewhere on the way down yet another clicking rabbit hole I came across a pretty nifty CIO article aimed at helping shy people in IT get better at touting their own accomplishments. Let me tell you, I’ve not clicked on an article that quickly since 2002. (Confession: I was totally on the Britney Spears+Justin Timberlake train and could not believe they’d broken up).

It turns out that coaching a shy coder isn’t all that different from coaching a shy reservations coordinator who moonlights as a blogger. Especially when Meridith Levinson notes that “[t]he hang-up most people have with self-promotion has to do with the fact that they don’t like to talk about themselves, particularly in the context of greatness. So it’s helpful to think of self-promotion not as talking about yourself, but as talking about your work.”

I can do that! (Maybe). It helps that I actually have something sort of, kind of writerly to point to at the moment: my third article—and second academic book review—just got accepted to EzineArticles! Yes, it’s an unpaid article directory, but those three pieces are clips I can point to as I build a portfolio, right? Right?

Anyway, who’s got other totally-not-bragging tricks to try? I’m all ears.

bonus chuckle courtesy of finger people. You're welcome.
Free chuckle courtesy of finger people. You’re welcome.


Shouter and See, Speak, Hear via pixabay

Fall for a day

I was super bummed yesterday; I’d been anticipating an entire weekend of wide-open windows and scarves and mug upon mug of all my favorite teas.

It was eighty-one freakin’ degrees yesterday. Stupid Southern September.

My plans for scarves and tea got brushed aside in favor of shorts and lemonade–with star-shaped ice cubes, naturally—and a headband to tame my rampaging, humidity-emboldened curls.

star icecubes
Best $2 walmart impulse buy EVER

Today, though. Today is what I wanted for the whole weekend. All five windows that can be opened are. I’ve got on leggings and am currently snuggled under my most favorite blanket with a steaming mug of spiced chai on the end table. I know very well that once Fall really settles in I’ll be grumbling about the cold and having to wear socks all the time even though I hate them because otherwise my feet will freeze. But it’s fun for a day.

Me in approximately six point seven seconds.
Me in approximately six point seven seconds.

*1st image mine; 2nd image by Up-Free via pixabay