It’s kind of weird being Home

Like, good weird—but weird.

I’m resolved not to complain that there aren’t enough pillows on my bed for me to sleep comfortably. Or that the outlet by my bed is too far away for me to plug my phone in and watch netflix at the same time. Or that it’s really freaking cold in here. What’s that going to do but make my parents feel bad?

I’ve gotten used to the rhythms and noises of the house I share with my roommates and their one-year-old. (I refuse to be the kind of person who mentions my fourteen-month-old nephew or my thirteen-month-old niece. That, should they feel so moved, is definitely a parent thing.) There’s always a huge buzz of activity early in the morning while Nephew is up and figuring out how spoons work during breakfast—it’s actually pretty hilarious when you’re not the one who has to clean up after the fact.

It’s 11:40 and my parents’ house is dead quiet; my mother is at work, but since my dad and brother are still here somebody should have cracked a door open by now, right? This coming from the person who lolled around til almost 10:00 and only really got up because my stomach very loudly pointed out that I hadn’t eaten breakfast yet. But it turns out my parents only have dairy milk, so getting up and dressed was ultimately pointless. Plus they’ve rearranged the kitchen several times, so I don’t know where the spoons are and all the potential drawers are super noisy. (One does not make too much noise at Home—even typing on my laptop’s probably too much—and risk waking the grumbly grumpy dad who’s tired from manual labor that he really shouldn’t be doing in the first place.)

I think it’s finally hitting me that while I’ll always be welcome here, it’s not really My Place any more. It’s a little bittersweet.

Also I had to kill a really big spider this morning. Because no one else was up to tell me if it was a dangerous kind and fuck if I was looking away from that thing long enough to google.



Two years ago, while my mom was visiting NC for my master’s graduation, we decided to make brownies. We were crazy excited for these brownies. We mixed them up and popped them in the oven. Twenty-something minutes later, my apartment smelled amazing and we both just about drooled anticipating the imminent chocolate-fueled brownie binge.

…But those were not brownies. Those were an oily, gooey mess probably brought into being because we used applesauce to substitute for eggs and got the proportions wrong (I don’t eat eggs at all, plus we didn’t feel like going out to get any even though Mom would have eaten what we didn’t use for the brownies). We both stared at the pan for a minute, totally bemused, before bursting out into bent-in-half, rueful, what-the-actual-fuck laughter. But, hey, we figured, it’s still edible, right?

So we spooned as much as we could into parfait cups and added whipped cream. Sweet baby Jesus, that was delicious. (Never mind that the pan took days to clean out and to this day still isn’t quite the same).

My mother and I have had our fair share of baking/cooking disasters—neither of us is skilled in the kitchen, and I border on just about hopeless—but we’ve never cracked up so gleefully about one before, and probably won’t again.

I think I’m going to make some cake batter cookies. I promise I’ve learned how much applesauce to use.


Geek Chic

My brother was fiddling on his laptop a few days ago (before we lost internet for three days)when I heard a familiar little midi clip; no, not Mario’s theme—nobody in my family will touch Mario. I heard the intro to the Legend of Zelda “Oracle” games for game boy. Yes, I recognized those games from ten seconds of audio. Turns out, my brother found a reputable GBA emulator that allows him to play those games on his computer (we’re probably rather late to the whole emulator thing, but we’re definitely ahead of the curve in AR). My first thought was: OHMAGAWD! I want that!!

Now I have both Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages; we have both of the games in real life, so we’re pretty sure we’re avoiding any sticky legal issues. I’m so excited!

The joypad’s a bit of a hassle to customize; hitting a key forcefully enough to make it register sometimes makes the key apply to more than one category. Windows Vista/7 doesn’t really like the graphics, either, but the system usually just adjusts after a few seconds. There’s nothing really special about the emulator version—which I was kinda-sorta disappointed about.

I really prefer playing these on my laptop; my screen’s bigger and my hands don’t cramp after twenty minutes of play. Plus, there’s this nifty little hack (shift+any F key) that essentially lets you  set your own save point. Now I can save right outside the boss’ lair instead of having to start from the beginning of the dungeon! It’s the lazy gamer’s dream setting. 🙂

It’s been about two hours and I’m already on the third dungeon. We’ll see if I can make it through the game and manage the transfer to Oracle of Ages. Wish me luck!