Adulting All Over the Place

Tomorrow’s my first day at my new job; technically, it’s my new temporary-indefinite-but-probably-permanent-unless-I’m-just-dreadful-at-it job that a very obliging staffing agency found me. I spent almost two months job hunting on my own, got exasperated—and slightly desperate when recruiters kept getting stuck on the fact that I have a master’s degree—and signed up at a staffing place that specializes in administrative/clerical placements and has pretty good reviews on multiple sites. Then BAM! Lucked into an assignment that seems like it’ll be a really good fit less than 24 hours after finishing a fuck ton of paperwork.

Basically, I get to double-check that computers have pulled the right information from invoices in the company’s A/P department so they can be sent on for payment. From the way they described it in my interview, it’ll be a chance to A) get away from customer service, which is a HUGE FUCKING PLUS and B) wallow in nitpicky little detail work eight hours a day. Plus, I now have a legitimate reason to make business cards with the following job title:

Empress of Invoices and Master Captcha Cracker

(I might or might not have actually browsed layouts for said business cards last night.) Plus, I get to wear my own clothes and work in a smaller department that has some fairly good prospects for moving up into the company itself. It also doesn’t hurt that I’ll be making three dollars an hour more than I was at the hotel. Seems like a pretty fair trade for not getting to wear my piercing at work anymore. I know it’ll get tedious, but I tend to thrive in tedium. See y’all on the flip side!


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