The Tastebuds, They Are A-Changin’

Confession: I have the weirdest taste in food combinations of anyone I’ve met.

Don’t believe me? My ideal mashed potatoes involve dashes of soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, cheddar cheese, and pepper. And maybe gravy if I’m in the mood to make it. And maybe Parmesan cheese.

I actually grossed people out in the dining hall in college. I kept telling them, at least I’m not eating those cliched gross combinations like pickles and ice cream, or strawberry jelly on grilled cheese. Actually, that last one sounds kind of tasty if the grilled cheese were made with sourdough.


All this has made me hungry. It’s time for some macaroni and cheese with ketchup (and Parmesan and pepper, because I’m classy like that)—yes, I am That Person. I figure if those two things weren’t meant to go together, cheese and tomatoes wouldn’t taste so darn good together.

Who else enjoys weird food combinations even a mother couldn’t love? I’m always up for new ideas!


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