Adulting is HARD, Y’all.

Guess who gets to move back to Arkansas because I brought home a grand total of $334 this week. That’s barely keeping me afloat when I’ve got all the overtime I could ask for—but when the hotel goes dead and I’m down to a maximum of 40 hours  a week, I’ll bring home less than $250 after taxes (with no cushion to speak of after loans on autopay went into repayment earlier than I thought they would). Can’t live on that with rent going up and bills, bills, bills everywhere. My rent’s less than $450, so I’m not going to do better than that anywhere within a few hours’ drive. My utilities couldn’t get lower unless disconnected the three things that don’t get unplugged at night. I don’t go out or shop any more. I’ve cut every corner I can and it’s just not balancing out.

Photoshop in a glass of wine, and this is basically me for the past few hours.
Photoshop in a glass of wine, and this is basically me for the past few hours.

I’m luckier than a lot of people in this particular frying pan. My family’s arms are totally open and waiting, and my parents are juggling as frantically as they can to see if we can afford one of those POD things for what furniture/essentials I’m going to keep. Wish me luck trying to get even a ballpark quote on that, though; I might just have to bite the bullet and get a U-Haul. I’ll have to sell my car, since it’s held together with bandaids and prayers and absolutely won’t make it halfway across the country a second time.

So yeah. That’s it for this week.

EDIT: Might detour to Knoxville, TN for a few months to see if I can find a job there and maintain some semblance of independence (albeit temporarily living with my best friend and her husband and her little brother). Because their arms are as wide open as my family’s and happen to be a lot closer. Plus, that puts me that much closer to home if I do end up back in Arkansas.

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