Indiegogo Again, Yo

Bonjour again, mes petites! (So sorry for the terrible title—all blame goes to my inherently juvenile sense of humor and my love of rhyme).

Remember my awesome friend Doug’s Indiegogo campaign?

He’s got thirty five (35) days to go, and that campaign is doing amazingly well! If anyone of my genuinely lovely and generous readers has donated already: MIL GRACIAS and long life to you. Every little bit, even that $5 someone might have sitting around, helps Doug get a little closer to more supplies and improved equipment; his Christmas card perk is ragingly popular, so snag one of those while they last! If you happen to be scrounging for change at the moment (I’m totally with you there, love), pretty please spread the word about the campaign to all your friends (And family. And coworkers. Basically anyone who’ll listen.)

Again, just in case the dad-gum embedded link doesn’t work, you can find the campaign at:


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