Indiegogo A Go-Go: FoolscapAndBells Campaign

Bonjour, mes amis!

Taking a break from our scheduled pretty picture/vaguely existential and/or feminist rants to shamelessly and maybe even annoyingly plug my friend Doug’s indiegogo campaign (in addition to being a super-psychic-wizard-ninja master, he runs FoolscapAndBells on Etsy, where he sells crazy amazing hand-cut greeting cards).

Everything he raises from now until the campaign ends on 15 November goes to more supplies and improved equipment to really get his business up and revved. As in working on a new line of cards and maybe even getting his stock into actual brick and mortar stores!! I might or might not have bragged a teensy bit about my awesome blog friends; let’s help my real-life friend reach his goal!

Check out Doug’s campaign here. Remember, it runs through 15 November—seriously, please donate if you can (tell all your friends, too, kids!) and snag one of the perks he has up for grabs. Because they are awesome and I will scrounge for change between my couch cushions if I have to.

Doug profile
Say no to this face? Bish, please. (Alias: the fan-freakin’-tastically talented Douglas himself)


****Just in case my awesomely embedded like goes haywire, you can find the campaign at:


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