Mostly Heatless Curls: My Most Successful Experiment Yet

Sometimes…I get tired of having all-over-the-place-curly ringlets. They’re cute and suit my personality pretty well, but sometimes I want something a little more structured and bouncy—preferably without frying my hair with a curling iron. My hair senses curling irons and probably thinks something along the lines of “DEATH TO ARTIFICIAL CURLS!!” Even stylists have trouble getting my hair to cooperate with heat, so I don’t feel quite so bad when my hair rebels and goes limper than a cranky three-year-old when confronted with curling irons (the only thing keeping my prom hairstyle in place was almost a whole bottle of hair spray…and more than a few prayers) or gets weird kinks in it where the real curl wants to go one way and the styled curl wants to go another. And yes, my hair does this even when I blow it out straight. What can I say? My hair is a bad ass with authority issues.

I have NO idea what click sequence led me to The Fierce Glamour’s blog entry. It’s probably more important that I happened across it at 11:30 at night; I’m responsible for neither the things that come out of my mouth nor the things that I do to my hair that late at night. Some weeeird stuff has seemed like an excellent idea at 11:30—at least until I had to spend thirty minutes the next morning combing out tangles leftover from the previous night’s adventures.

Anyway, TFG’s post popped up somewhere along my path through the internets, and since the how-to involved neither heat nor hair spray nor bobby pins, I decided to give it a go!

(Isn’t her accent great? I can’t quite peg it, but someone let me know if you can!)

The whole process took about twenty minutes, mostly because I was finicky about how things were placed and general neatness…even though I was pretty sure sleep would frizz out and otherwise destroy the headband-bound proto-curls.

Turns out, though, that this works! See?

Also, note the Hermione hair in #1...
The headband I used is black, which doesn't really show against my hair, so I used my sparkle-happy-Kasey band to show proper placement in #3.

I cheated a little and did a quick pass with my straightener to get most of my natural curl out, to keep the curls from fighting each other, and cheated again with a light mist of hairspray after I’d finished. It was totally worth it. I’m loving these curls!

This isn’t something I’d do during the day, because that headband across my forehead just looked weird to me. That’s one hippie-boho trend that I am happy to ignore.

*Collage via bighugelab’s photo-mosaic maker

**I realized recently that I’ve not been using alt-text wit to its full advantage. The above collage seeks to remedy that lack. I hope.


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