Class Act

During my daily foray through Yahoo’s news section, I found a story about a teaser trailer for Tony Romo’s wedding video—if you don’t already know, I love weddings: wedding videos, wedding pictures…weddings make me happy. I don’t keep up with football, so I’ve not really got any baggage that might have predisposed me to breathe internet fire at the mention of Tony Romo’s name. All I saw was a freakishly well-polished three minute excerpt with lots of pretty visuals and a big, delighted grin on the guy’s face when he finally saw his soon-to-be Mrs. coming up the aisle. I thought Coldplay’s “Fix You” was a strange choice for background music, but who am I to judge?

Normally I ignore the comments, but my trackpad did something wonky and scrolled the screen down to a whole rash of troll sightings. Every other post was a crack about his messy hair and stubble; apparently not shaving and not getting a hair cut for his wedding makes Tony Romo an inconsiderate jerk. Even the ones gushing about how beautiful the wedding must have been and congratulating him mentioned how declassé it was to leave even a hint of five o’clock shadow.

Whatever. Maybe Candice has the same sexy scruff fixation that I do. Or maybe that was a battle she just chose not to pick. If he gave on something that was important to her, it seems fair to let him have the final decision on that, at least.

Honestly, I think scruff and (the groom’s) hair will be the last things on my mind when I’m getting married—though I’m not above working my preference for a two-day beard into conversations ahead of time. 😉


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