25 Things You (Probably) Don’t Know About Me

1. Singing in a choir is both my most and least favorite thing; I’m so worried about screwing up during concerts that I forget to just chill and enjoy the music.

2. I’m pretty sure my stage fright doesn’t help, either.

3. Ludwig van Beethoven has the dubious distinction of being the only composer whose music I will blast at full volume. The 9th may spell the end of my crazy-awesome hearing, but it’s totally worth it.

4. I read somewhere that the goosebump-y feeling you get during an awesome piece of music is actually your skin having a mini-orgasm. I like that concept so much that I’m going to refer to those goosebumps as such even after it’s totally discredited.

5. I get fewer “So…you’re going to teach with that degree, right?”-type comments as a history major than I did as a Spanish major—which is amusing, because Spanish majors have a gazillion more options open to them.

6. I watch TV/movies and read books for sheer escapism; as such, I loathe dystopian or pessimistic (or even realistic) plots and endings.

7. That said, I haven’t seen a decent rom-com in years.

8. I read the synopsis of each week’s “Glee” episode on Wikipedia before deciding whether I want to watch it or not. I hate surprises!

9. I will, without compunction, read the last few chapters of a book before I decide to buy it.

10. If public floors weren’t so gross, I wouldn’t wear shoes. Ever.

11. I procrastinate horribly; I’ve written 12 pages in 10 hours (maybe fewer, I can’t quite remember), 30 pages in 26 hours, and 4 pages in an hour and a half. I got really good grades on every one of those papers, too.

12. Getting my PhD and teaching for a living doesn’t scare me until I think about it.

13. If you didn’t hunt, ride four-wheelers, or go to church every time the doors were open, you were persona non grata at my high school. I just couldn’t bring myself to care enough to try.

14. That might make me a snob, but it also got me the eff out of there.

15. I didn’t even know my hair was curly until college.

16. My first reaction to a strange, stressful situation is to sneeze. Three or four times in a row usually gives me sufficient time to think of something to say or do.

17. I’m basically my father in a female body; this worries me sometimes.

18. I’m a kick-ass tetris player until my brain overloads and starts processing the patterns too slowly.

19. Sometimes I wonder whether other people think my piercing is cute.

20. I draw temporary tattoos on myself with eyeliner and hairspray.

21. My mother and I are famously bad navigators separately, but we almost never get lost together.

22. I’ve thought about taking lessons to lower my speaking voice.

23. Sometimes I have trouble telling whether to push or pull a door; if the handle looks ambiguous, I check the hinges.

24. I will only get messy and dirty for a good cause—like hurricane cleanup.

25. The fact that “25 Things” comes before “9th Symphony” in my tags is profoundly annoying.


2 thoughts on “25 Things You (Probably) Don’t Know About Me

  1. 1. I miss singing in choir with you.

    2. That’s what being in a group is for.

    3. I’m pretty sure you will *always* have bat-ears. It’s an integral facet of you, plus one of the many amusing ways we are complete opposites.

    4. This. Is. Awesome.

    5. Is this percentage-wise or total? Also, a ridiculous number of people keep asking me what I want to do, which I would have expected to be for more obvious with a specific degree like advertising than with something vague like art. People are weird.

    6. Except for horrifying doom-and-gloom “documentaries,” you mean.

    7. I know right??

    8. This makes me cringe inside.

    9. This too. I hate knowing what’s going to happen before I watch/read something.

    10. ME TOO

    11. These stats are pretty impressive, and way better than mine. I still procrastinate as long as possible but I just can’t write that fast.

    12. Dealing with the rest of my life doesn’t scare me until I stop to think about it.

    13. Dude, the only people who still care about high school are the ones who never left. You and me? We win.

    14. See above.

    15. Explain this one to me?? I get that you thought you were blond when you were little but little kids think all kinds of weird stuff. So basically you’re saying you’ve just been in denial about your hair your whole life.

    16. This is my favorite of your quirks. Or at least in my top five. Also, Nate’s reaction to it absolutely cracked me up.

    17. I wouldn’t worry about it. We’re all basically our parents. No point in stressing about it.

    18. Omg that video is still blowing my mind.

    19. It is super adorable. I mean that.

    20. Why have I never seen any of these?? You’ve been holding out on me! I demand pics.

    21. Yeah, did I tell you how far out of my way I went when I visited my family in Kansas?

    22. Okay, you mean lower as in pitch and not volume, right? Because you are super quiet. Just FYI.

    23. That is such a good idea!! I never thought of that!

    24. Seriously there is no other reason to get messy and dirty. Even if you’re camping it’s perfectly avoidable.

    25. This is completely understandable. Yesterday I went through all my gmail tags and put numbers in front of them so they would just BE IN THE RIGHT ORDER and not alphabetical but it turned out I hated the numbers more than the being out of order so I had to change them all back.


  2. 5. Both.
    6. Do those count as “doom-and-gloom” if they all have 30 seconds of “We CAN affect our future and humanity WILL SURVIVE!” at the end? Besides, you and I both know that the science in half of those was a joke (thus, unrealistic).
    8. This definitely doesn’t fall in the purple part of the Venn diagram
    9. Nor does this.
    11. Turns out that “HOLY F&$%, I only have ___ hours left!” is a fantastic way to get my brain to speed up.
    15. My mom always woke me up early to take a shower before school, and since I’m pretty sure she would have exploded if she ever let me leave with even mildly damp hair, we always blow dried it straight.
    16. Nate’s reaction was hilarious. “The circumference of a square”? Really?
    20. You’ve probably never seen them because I tend to draw them on my ankles. Jeans cover those.
    21. Did I tell you about almost driving to Virginia on the way to my hotel the first day I was here?
    22. Haha, yes, I meant the pitch. I’d have used soften for volume, I think.
    23. I have a new dilemma: which cabinets open to the left, and which open to the right. Whoever installed those had no concerns about patterns or logic.
    25. Stupid tags.


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