NOMZ 2.0

So, my grand experiment crazy, involuntary stint as a quasi-vegan may be at an end. I came across this at Walgreens and bought it on a whim:

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Turns out, this stuff works. Just take one pill a day (or, in my freakishly sensitive case, two) and start earing dairy after three days. It doesn’t completely get rid of every symptom, but when I compare a little discomfort after half a bag of sour cream and cheddar ruffles to getting horribly sick after a few cheezits, I’ll take what I need to if it means getting Chai or pizza. Pizza, especially. I love pizza. In the past two days, I’ve had mozzarella sticks, tacos with cheese, a chicken quesadilla, and a Chai latte. My taste buds are literally screaming with joy. I’m getting a slice of Red Baron pepperoni tomorrow and I am going to enjoy the heck out it.

I’m not entirely sure how this works (I think it involves an emeric-coated capsule of the enzymes I lack), but $20 a month seems pretty cheap compared to my grocery bills lately. Dairy free artisan bread—which is actually cheaper than branded DF bread—is still frakking expensive. I can’t keep paying $4 a loaf, but an exhaustive search of the bread shelves at Harris Teeter turned up zero—yes, that is zero, none, ningunos—loaves that didn’t have some kind of dairy in there somewhere.

I’ll probably still keep pretty close to the diet I’ve worked out in the past semester, just because I actually like a lot of what I’m eating; my favorite soy pudding is so rich and thick it might qualify as mousse. So. Yummy. Plus, my rice krispie treats are all cocoa powder and honey. Delish!


2 thoughts on “NOMZ 2.0

  1. Hey, lady! I’ve been reading and following your blog and finally decided to comment! I’m glad to hear that you are now able to enjoy dairy again with minimal discomfort. Oh, how I would hate to give up cheese! Anyway, just thought I would pop in and say what an awesome blog you have and can’t wait to read more!


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