Of everything I can’t eat now, I miss cheese the most.

I love cheese.




I like cheddar, I like mozzarella, I like Gruyère, I like Parmesan…I’ve yet to meet a cheese I don’t like—and I’m not counting that horribly inferior Brie my French professor found in the bowels of Walmart’s dairy case.

The way things are going, though, I won’t be meeting any more cheeses. So I’ve been scouring the internet for reasonable alternatives; for cheddar and mozzarella, I hit gold with Daiya cheeses. They’re stretchy and yummy and all that good stuff. The only thing lacking in my regular cheese repertoire has been Parmesan. I’d hoped Daiya would have something—and if they read this, can we get on it, guys?—so I’ve had to scour the internet yet again for a vegan substitute. I think I’ve found a winner in Veggie Table‘s adaptation of a recipe from How It All Vegan!

Basically, you mix toasted sesame seeds (I forgot to toast mine, but it seems to have worked out OK), nutritional yeast flakes and salt in a food processor and blend to the desired texture. I added in a dash of onion powder for flavor; I like onion powder, too.  The recipe takes maybe five minutes from start to finish, depending on how finely you grind the stuff.

The yeast flakes are kind of a pain to find, but places like Whole Foods or Earth Fare should have them jarred, though they’re generally cheaper in the bulk foods section.

I’m really excited to see how my Parmesan works in the vegan alfredo recipe I found a few weeks ago. Wish me luck!


I recently ran out of both parmesan and sesame seeds at the same time, so I decided to substitute toasted bread crumbs. The verdict: delicioso! I actually like the cheese better with bread crumbs. The texture works better and what flavor those crumbs have really compliments the yeast’s flavor : )

*Image via TinyTall on Flickr


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