Call me lame, but I’m a creature of habit. Once I find something I like to eat in a restaurant, I order that same thing until one of two things happens: either the cooks have a bad day and the meal turns out gross, or someone mentions something that sounds even more yummy than my current favorite.

That’s making what, for me, amounts to a major dietary shift pretty darn tricky.  See, I love cheese, milk, and all the derivatives thereof. Except sour cream. Cheese bread, pizza, macaroni & cheese, alfredo…those were my comfort foods. Now that I can’t have them anymore, I have to shop outside the box and read labels obsessively. As sensitive as I seem to be, pretty much every processed food is out, unless there’s no milk, dried milk, lactose, whey, caseins, etc. I’ve even had to switch allergy medicines (to a gel cap, no lactose involved).

I went to the health food store and found a few lactose-free things, including a soy-free, lactose-free, soy-free, cholesterol-free alfredo pasta. Yeah…that was rice pasta, cumin and garlic. Ew.

Anyone got recipe ideas? I’m collecting.


3 thoughts on “Sigh…

  1. I recommend….a hamburger. Go to the grocery store and get some of that gourmet burger seasoning first. Put a lot of the seasoning on a plate and just roll the hamburger meat all over it and get it all mixed in really well. Then cook. It’s easy and really good.


  2. Yeah….that involves actually touching the (raw) hamburger. I don’t *do* raw meats. Maybe mixed in a bowl would be disconnected enough for me. Thanks for the tip!


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