So far my great “learn to like talking on the phone” quest isn’t going so well. Pretty much every conversation I attempt winds down—withing 20 minutes or so—to awkward silences and random stuff until my poor mother/friend/other random family member and I give up. It doesn’t help that I’m the quiet one in my group of friends, only interjecting if some sarcastic sotto voce observation is just screaming to be made.

Honestly, talking to my mom is easiest, because she feels a compulsive need to fill me in on news from home and I actually say very little. Sometimes, there’s almost an hour and half’s worth of stuff going on, between my siblings’ various significant others—how the heck am I the only single one in the family???? Being this picky had better freaking bring results—Mom’s sub drama and our animals’ latest hijinks. Our animals like to break into my room and eat pages out of my books. Or my unmentionables (just the VS ones…those dogs have good taste). Or corners of DVD cases.

At 23, I am a confirmed texter. Email and texting are two of my favorite inventions of all time. I like to think and edit and insert a sarcastic little o_O face if I feel the need. I can’t really do that when I’m actually talking on my phone. Plus, I tend to talk with my hands. My phone can only stand being thrown against the wall so many times before it goes toes up. My poor (former) roommate is still bulldogging ahead trying, but changing a Parara’s intrinsic feelings about something is pretty much impossible (exhibit A: my dad still won’t stand in front of the microwave, even though thirty years of science has pretty much proven that microwaves won’t hurt fertility that much….and even though the fertility issue is pretty much moot for my parents at this stage in life). We’re stubborn like that. And we know it. So, poor C resigns herself to novel-length texts and Google chat.

One day I’m sure I’ll just dial up C and surprise the socks off her with a fun, engaging, more-than-ten-minute conversation…but that day might be a long time coming. I’d hate to get her hopes up : )


4 thoughts on “Qwerty

    1. I just got my Masters Degree and I don’t know if I could deal with any more academia. It more fun reading a blog by someone who has a lot of work piling up than having to do it yourself.


    2. Thanks, Francesca. I like yours, too! I’m not sure what kind of blog buddy I’d be with my semester shaping up the way it is—plus an unusual surfeit of personal stuff—but I’ll be sure to drop by as often as I can! 🙂


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