Au revoir, 2010! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

I can’t complain too much; my 2010 was pretty darned awesome. I got into my first-choice grad school, I got into the dorm/apartment building I wanted, and met (online…but isn’t the stigma on that going away?) a really cool law student back in Arkansas who told me corny Stalin jokes and makes up indie band names out of random awesomeness. My family, though, had a pretty crummy year, and nobody—but NO-body!— messes with my family. My mom and grandmother still struggle for cordiality, my brother still can’t drive and can’t see his girlfriend very often, and my little sister’s best friend is pissy that S. wants to hang out with someone besides her.

2011 already has changes in store for us, I think. One of the biggest for me is a major dietary shift away from dairy—genetics finally caught up with me. I’m pretty sure dairy was behind most of my sickness last semester, and I fit the pattern, so it’s dairy-free for me ’til a doctor tells me otherwise.

Academically, this semester should be pretty darned smooth, but the professor I’m GA-ing for seems like she’ll expect rather a lot of me. The class only has 20 students, but it’s research-intensive and I’m supposed to “familiarize” myself with the collections and database she’s using. Meep. I guess I’m inching toward the deep end of the GA thing.

I’m also planning to find a job as soon as I can, get my own apartment this summer, and get two kitties to keep me company in said apartment. 🙂

I don’t normally make resolutions, but here goes!

1. Avoid roommate drama if at all possible; hiding out in my room is an acceptable way to do this

2. Procrastinate a teeny bit less; writing 11 pages in 6 hours is not the way to do things

3. Go to church more; Our Lady of Grace sounds cool and the exterior is gorgeous…it’s time to check out the interior

4. Save enough to buy the Canon EOS Rebel XS I’ve been drooling over for the past two years

5. Get out and enjoy the big city I’ve planted myself in for the next year and a half

6. Tied to #5: Try not to be so darned oblivious all the time, notice when guys are flirting and flirt back if so inclined


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