Das Fotos

“Every hot girl who can aim a camera thinks she’s a photographer. Oooooooh, you took a black-and-white picture of a lawn chair and its shadow and developed it at Save-On. You must be so brooding and deep.”—the inimitable Stewie Griffin

Well, I don’t exactly develop my pictures at Save-On, but I do like to take ’em. I’m even saving for a DSLR (see previous post) so that when I get tired of archives and papers and classrooms I can recharge my batteries being in the woods and taking pretty pictures. I must be pretty hard on the Taurus side of the Taurus-Gemini cusp, since places like Blanchard Springs are some of my favorite spots on the planet….as long as I get to go home at the end of the day. Camping is not for Kasey.

Aaaand, the third paragraph finally reveals the motive behind the post (I’m beginning to see why I drive my professors nuts): my poor little point-and-shoot Canon Powershot is all but officially dead; I figure if a brand new battery won’t hold a charge for more than five seconds, something is wrong with the camera itself, and Google seems to confirm this. So, RIP little dude. Here are some of your best shots:


Blanchard Springs, AR...on the way to climb the springs

At De Grazia's Gallery in the Sun, outside Tucson AZ

Black and White:

Taken at a rest stop on the way to Tucson
I have no idea what kind of tree this is...but it's cool 🙂
My friend Nate, the morning after we got poured on while camping at Blanchard 🙂

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