Commence Freak Out

I have HOW few weeks left? This semester has flown by—but it’s still been stuffed so full that I’ve really neglected the blog, which I swore I wouldn’t do. I don’t remember this happening as an undergrad, but I also went to class two or three times a week as opposed to once. Don’t get me wrong, I love the sheer amount of free time (even after reading for class) that I’ve got. I’m even going to look for a job next semester to bring in extra dinero. Wish me luck!

That extra dinero will be going toward my new apartment fund; I’d like to get an apartment with two of my roommates, who’re pretty fun. I get the feeling that they’ll be even more fun without Roommate constantly stressing us out. Still, I’m not so sure, because I don’t like who I am around them. I’ve never been catty or bitchy or so consistently snarky. It’s not who I decided I’d be, and I get so stressed when the four of us interact that my stomach is in knots…it also keeps me awake at 3:10 a.m., when any sensible grad student is sleeping for all it’s worth. I just hope this pattern doesn’t translate to our new place. I’m pretty sure it won’t, since we do have lots of fun and laugh about the most random stuff whenever Roommate’s in class or gone.

Roommate is pretty much the crux of all the angst. She’s very sweet (I swear), but the ten minute monologues when a thirty second sentence will do get really annoying, and you can’t tell that girl anything without triggering some sort of experience that she or a member of her family have had. Argh. I’ll try to shush her or get her to stop just to keep the others from blowing up, but that’s got to stop. Too much stress for me, bub.

Still, I do worry that they’ll start saying the same things about me once it’s just the three of us, even though I know when to stop talking  and when to simply not bring something up in the first place. I think Britt was complaining about my phone constantly going off during the basketball game today. I’m asleep, so I don’t hear it, but I’m pretty sure “All night. Every night” refers to something going on in my room or the courtyard outside. Since they didn’t jump to include me in the conversation, I’m assuming the former and putting my phone on vibrate at night. Sigh.


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