I Love Being a Girl

I was wandering through the mall yesterday and decided to pop into Victoria’s Secret to see what was new. I found this:

You...had me at "smoky eye."

I don’t normally go in for makeup kits, since they typically include concealer that does not suit my skin tone at all; this one had blush instead, and was 1/2 off. Yes, please!

I brought it home and tried out the lip gloss first thing. Just  a little blush of color, not too sticky. Good. The kit includes black eyeliner and its own mascara. Again, I’m not normally a fan of either, but in the interests of giving the kit a fair trial I decided to go full monty.

This is, apparently, the face for fall. I do love being on trend.

The shadows aren’t very bold; I had to give up on my brushes entirely and use my fingers to get more than a sheer layer of color. The smoky eye is not for those content with sheer color, I tells ya! The liner actually looks good, which really surprised me. I’ve always heard that black is too harsh for us fair tones. Ooo, and the mascara! I’m actually excited about it! It wasn’t clumpy at all and even eight hours later I’ve not seen it flaking off. This may end up being my go-to night out mascara.

Here are the results:

I feel pretty, oh so pretty!

Das ist gut, ja?


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