I played…and I’m paying

Now I remember why I don’t drink wine often. Not even three glasses in & I was three sheets to the wind last night.

You're so tasty, but so sneakily awful!

I’d feel like a total lightweight if not for the fact that everyone else did the same thing, and they’re (at least) thirty pounds heavier than I. The fact that the wine went out of date in February probably didn’t help, either.

At ten o’clock this morning, my usual “OHMYGOD I-SWEAR-I’LL-NEVER-DO-THAT-AGAIN!” litany started, but I decided to chance it and eat a decent breakfast even though I was positive it wouldn’t stay down.

That said, I might actually have figured out why I’m always so nauseous the day after, but never have a headache. Several (reputable) websites mentioned that pain relievers tend to aggravate my poor irritated tummy even more than the wine does. Eesh. I think I’ll take a step competition behind my eyes to any more fruitless porcelain god-worshiping from now on. For serious.

I can’t call my mom to complain either. She doesn’t drink at all, and neither does my dad. Mom’s not got Dad’s absolute abhorrence of alcohol (he’s got his reasons, I’ll admit), but she’s just going to snicker while I test my limits.

So it’s official: Franzia’s White Grenache is a one glass per occasion wine. Even if it does taste delightful with orange juice.

Photo credit: jypsyjen via flickr


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