Week 3…plus sickness

So, I got horribly sick this weekend. Via phone, Mom thinks it was a bug and/or food poisoning from the Subway I ate at the mall (yes, there’s a mall here, and I’ve already been twice!) on Saturday. That left me with absolutely no inclination to either complete my topic description for 709 or do any of my reading; I slept almost the entire weekend. Literally.

As a result, I’m speed-reading through the two articles Jones assigned, while cramming in three chapters of Brose and twenty pages of Turabian—though why I have to read the stinkin’ manual of style (again) is beyond me. That’s not even counting the reading for my Europe to 1800 class tomorrow, and that’s at 3:30 instead of 6:30. Argh. Something is not going to get done. It’s just a matter of prioritizing. Thank God I don’t have any grading to do tonight, because my pile of books has gone from this:

Seems reasonable, right?

to this (including articles):

It's a workload bait & switch!

I must somehow convince my immune system that I don’t have the time to get sick and rest this year. Save that for summer break. Or not, since I’ll either end up taking classes or working. So how’s ’bout not getting sick at all, Immune System? Kthnxbye.

Photo credit: sapphireblue via flickr


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