Minor Big City Triumph

It might be a bit early to celebrate, but I only had to turn around once going to Four Seasons Town Centre. Of course my sense of direction is somehow enhanced by the fact that I was going to a mall and not, say, Target or the bank. Target isn’t the fun kind of shopping once you get the basics and decorations done.

Driving in Greensboro’s not proving to be nearly as stressful as I’d thought. The actual driving part, that is. Navigating is an entirely different beast. The signs are clear, and the only problem I have seeing street signs is just due to my own bad vision (which is likely only going to go downhill with all the reading I have to do. The only place I’ve had trouble finding is Walmart—which turned out to be a sketchy, teensy Walmart that isn’t really worth the gas. At least there’s a Taco Bell right outside that makes a mean chicken quesadilla.

The traffic’s not been too bad at all, even though I occasionally venture out at really bad times. I’ve not dared to go downtown, though. I may never go downtown. We shall see.


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