Road Trippin’, Part 1

OH MY GOD. That nearly killed me. I got stuck in traffic three times, and twice got stuck for at least 45 minutes. Mapquest said this would take seven hours. It took me ten. I hate I-40. With a passion. People drive like idiots and crash their cars, which is why I ended up stuck in traffic. ARGH. The first time I got stuck, a semi apparently decided to skid across the  interstate. The second time, I think somebody skidded into the wall going though Nashville.

Whatever, I’m here. Tomorrow I head out to Greensboro. I may or may not leave before noon, since I’m currently most of the way through a very yummy Cosmo and am contemplating some Irish cream, or a cranberry juice/vodka combo. I love being a twenty-something. 😀 I may not love it tomorrow, but that’s not my problem until tomorrow.

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