After yesterday’s trojan incident, Mom told Dad that I’m turning into a regular techie. I had to inform her that I’m just as much of a techie as my brother is, I’m just more low-key about it. A few Google searches and I can usually do what I need to do. Mom just tends to refer to my brother as the computer geek of the family because he’s getting his Associate’s in something computer-y. Computer Repair or Networking, maybe.

And, just in case my last post wasn’t clear:

If antispybrain sneaks into your system, click “no” or “no, thanks” on EVERY SINGLE offer or notification the program offers; don’t download any software. It’s just scareware meant to extort money (if I’m wrong, or over-simplifying, let me know!!). It’ll edit your registry so that any .exe file that’s a potential solution is inaccessible, and makes the only accessible URL, so you can’t download a program to get rid of it on the infected laptop.

Turn off your computer, and restart it in safe mode. Each OS is different, so—if you can—do a quick search on another computer to figure out how to access your boot menu; Windows Vista, which I use, gets to the boot menu using the F8 key right after I turn my computer on. Use the arrow keys to select “safe mode with networking”. Run whatever malware-removal program you have in safe mode to quarantine and root this sucker out of your system. If, however, you don’t have a program—and can’t get one, since antispybrain tweaks a setting to use its own proxy server instead of your usual one—you can do as I did and sneak a program in in safe mode.

After the thing is quarantined and erased, your computer should be OK. I ran another AVG scan while still in safe mode just to make sure. Once you’re absolutely certain it’s gone, restart your computer normally; you’ll probably have to reset the settings in your internet browser to stop using the now defunct antispybrain proxy.

In Firefox 3.6.8 this goes: Tools> Options> Advanced> Network> Settings.  “Settings” has a list of options ranging from “No proxy” to “Automatic proxy configuration URL”. Choose whichever one you prefer, and get back to web surfing!


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