Her Name is Lola

Gotta love impulse purchases. I found a tray of flowers for $1.50 at Walmart, including African Violets! These are some of my favorite flowers, and area apparently fairly easy to grow. Most of Lola’s requirements sound pretty reasonable to me:

*10-14 hours of exposure a day; near the sunlight, not in it.

*Her own special potting mix, with 10-10-10 mixtures of Nitrogen, Pottasium, and Phosphorus.

Lola might have pink or white flowers when she eventually blooms. We'll see!

*Plus fertilizer, please.

*Dry-to-the-touch soil.

*Don’t drip on the leaves; I bought a really cute ceramic self-watering pot to avoid this.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m really excited about finding this plant. Any advice from more experienced AV owners? Anything I SHOULD NOT DO??

Photo credit: Anastacia Huddon via Flickr

Update: Lola’s been repotted into her new pot, pics to follow as soon as my camera recharges 🙂

Update #2: Here’s Lola’s first bud!

It looks like she'll have pink or purple flowers, if I'm not completely misjudging the bud.

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