Hot Enough for You?

My dad just informed us that a sixth Arkansan died of heat-related complications (or something like that). I’ll bet anyone there won’t be a word about on World News, even though there was a blurb on deaths in Mississippi and Missouri.

That’s pretty typical.  Temperatures on regional radar include St. Louis, Memphis, Houston and Shreveport—but never Little Rock. Sure there are maybe 2-ish million people in the city, but I’ll wager that those 2-ish million would love to see a little number graphic pop up in the otherwise blank Natural State. Especially since we’re roasting through an eighth straight day of 100+ degree heat; that’s pretty extraordinary, even for Arkansas. If the news can report on Chicago broiling at 90 degrees for three days, why not mention us? We’ll even dig up a housewife without curlers for a man-on-the-street interview if’n you want.

Sometimes the weather maps on TWC omit Arkansas altogether. The whole US was all green and pretty, but when the anchor clicked over to show a tropical depression in the Carribean, there was actually a black Arkansas-shaped hole in

It looked something like this, but not.

the map for a few seconds. It was kind of funny, actually. We watch the map every time now, but they’ve not left us out again.

Mom checked Greensboro’s weather, and apparently this heat’s going to follow me there. Figures. Well, I had planned on wearing something functional and cute for move in, but to heck with that. I’m not dying of heat stroke before I even get to enjoy my room.

Update: Pass me a dish of crow. Diane mentioned Arkansas specifically in an extreme heat story.


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