Housing, Movies, and other Summer Stuff

This morning one of the girls who was supposed to be one of my roommates emailed me to let me know that according to her housing page, we weren’t roommates anymore. I panicked, since I’ve spent the past few weeks fighting with RLS about not being able to register for classes until I go to an advising appointment. I finally got that through their heads; I almost started crying when I got Lacee’s email, since I was rather desperately afraid that I’d lost my housing. I’m pretty sure I shattered some ear drums when I logged into the RLS site and found out that UNCG’s bumped me up to Spring Garden apartments! My own room! A full-size bed! A kitchen!! Grogan 605 girls, I’ll miss you, but IHAVEMYOWNROOM!!

This is actually pretty accurate. Scarily so, even.

I’ll be able to watch any movies and shows I want whenever I don’t have class, too. Like “Twister”. It’s my favorite hot summer day movie; why, I don’t know. Maybe it’s the sheer drama of the story line contrasted with the utterly dead world outside. In 97 degree heat (that’s close to 120 with the heat index), nothing happens until sunset. Plus, I think tornado chasing would be totally cool. I don’t possess any of the necessary skills, but a girl can dream, can’t she?

Finally, I’ve decided that summer’s only good for sleeping in, being a bum, and having my birthday. There’s nothing on TV during the day (reruns don’t count), even on cable/satellite, and my dad thinks it’s the season for blanket criticism of whatever strikes his fancy…usually my driving or my preference for spending the day holed up in my room on the computer as opposed to socializing with the three people I’ve known for 23 years. My car’s always a sauna when I go to/get off of work, even though I put the sunshade up and crack my windows. The house is always a sauna after Dad gets through complaining about the air conditioning being on for an hour at a time; eesh, it’s a million degrees out there. Fans just aren’t going to cut it. As mentioned, the only thing I like about summer is my birthday. And that’s over ten months away now.

*Photo credit: graphjam.com


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