This year I’ll have to live in a dorm, because my loan payments and pitiful wages didn’t allow me to save a whole lot of money. I’ll have two roommates to deal with, though the room is much bigger than the closets that UNCG offers two people. However big the rooms are, I’m not so sure about these two girls. I’m sure they’re both pleasant people who’ll be a joy to live with, but at the same time, they’ve got a pretty high standard to meet.

I’ll probably unconsciously—or not, since I’m aware enough to blog about it—judge Kristen and Lacee by Courtney’s super-awesome stint as my undergrad roommate. We had enough similar interests to mesh, and we’re both geeks, but different sub-species geeks. Once we were feeling philosophical enough to attempt to find a medium for expressing how we meshed. We settled on a venn diagram; there are the separate parts that represent her sci-fi and my history, her folk music and my classical, and the mixed parts that enabled us to room together for four years (we even had the same room in the same suite for three of those years. God bless housing holdovers).  We’ve even got the comfortable silence thing down pat; part of what’s sucked about being apart for a year. Now we feel like we have to entertain each other every time I visit. We both feel better—and more normal—now that we’re both on our laptops and she’s talking to her boyfriend on the phone.

I can only hope I’ll have something approaching this comfortable silence with Kristen and Lacee. Maybe we’ll be able to have deep discussion, or have an awesome MLIA moment where we all watch “Harry Potter” movies in backwards black snuggies. Or just do nothing. Nothing is good, sometimes.


I’ve gotten moved around and have three entirely new roommates, but they seem like they’ll be pretty cool girls. Plus, it’s apartment style, which means a kitchen and a closet and everything. Excitement!


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