Des Aveux, Part Une

I was perusing old notes on facebook, and after coming across a friend’s “25 Things” post, I’m in the mood for some self-indulgent Millennial Over-sharing:

Θ 99% of the time, I’ll take the underdog’s side in an argument. I browbeat my brother into leaving Justin Bieber alone even though I can’t stand the kid’s music.

Θ I’m rooting for Britney Spears. Even if “slutty Britney” is the best comeback she manages, I think that’s better than “crazy-head-shaving-paparazzo-beating Britney.”

Θ Jerry Bruckheimer/Michael Bay movies are perfect for lazy Saturday afternoons; I always tell myself that noting all the factual and/or scientific inaccuracies counts as doing something productive, so the afternoons aren’t wasted.

If a shuttle explodes in space and no one hears it, does it make a sound?

Θ My iPod bounces from Glee to Beethoven to Black Sabbath to Disney songs. My old roommate once told me that I have musical ADD.

Θ I’d love to be a deeply philosophical blogger with profound insights into human nature and society today, but I really doubt I could pull that off. I’m too concrete a thinker and too logic-oriented to bother with pie-in-the-sky musings. No offense to all you philosophical bloggers out there. I love reading your stuff, and I suspect I’m just jealous of you, deep down.

Θ I got my nose pierced for my 22nd birthday just because I had the urge to do something crazy. I’d settled on either a tattoo or a piercing, and opted for the less permanent option.

Θ My dad hates said piercing, and grumbles to himself whenever I get to wear it (normally I have to wear a clear retainer for work). My mom thinks it’s adorable, mostly because it’s not the huge hunk of CZ she thought I’d come home with—that’s all the girls around here wear, so poor Mom had no other frame of reference.

I think it's on the tasteful end of the "LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME!" spectrum

Θ I really wish I’d told my undergrad crush how I felt before he graduated. It probably wouldn’t have gone anywhere, but at least I wouldn’t still play “What If” games with myself.

Θ I have to live in a dorm next year, with two other girls; I’m not so sure about them just yet. I just hope I get as lucky as I did as an undergrad. My freshman roommate ended up becoming one of my best friends and we even roomed together all four years.

Aren't we cute?

Θ Professors who intimidate the living daylights out of me usually end up being my favorites—and they seem to like me, too. Maybe it’s my compulsive need to make them like me with awesome papers and insights.

So, you four wonderful people who randomly stumble across my blog, got anything you need to get of your chests? : )

Photo credit: flickr


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