Hello World!

I really wanted a better title for this post, but inspiration’s gleefully dancing–and snickering behind its hand, most likely–just out of reach, so “Hello World!” it is.

Here I’ll chronicle my adventures in The Big City during grad school. Granted, Greensboro has 300,000 people in it, max, but when the biggest town I’ve ever lived in (that I remember) has 10,000 people in it–well, the thought of driving in Greensboro gives me heart palpitations. Literally. I don’t do well in *Little Rock*, people. This could very easily turn into small-town-girl-hates-Big-City, but I think as long as I keep thinking of this a two-year adventure, I’ll be fine. I may even end up adoring Greensboro and pursue my PhD there.

UNCG, here I come!


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